How to decode satellite channels

How to decode satellite channels

If you bought the satellite antenna, then it is necessary to take from it all possible and impossible, that is maximum number of channels. Owners of satellite television try to make everything that clients paid for their services. Naturally, they can be understood, but reality such is that it is necessary to adapt to survival conditions. As a rule, the most interesting channels are unavailable. Besides, the rule known to all works here: forbidden fruit is the sweetest. For this reason all so seek to decode the coded satellite channels.


1. The simplest and reliable option of an unblocking of the channel of satellite television sounds, perhaps, ridiculously. Just take and honestly pay for services of this channel. In such situation all transfers on it will become available, and you will sleep peacefully, knowing that your conscience is pure.

2. However all know that the cost of viewing foreign TV channels is often too high therefore resort to the following option of decoding. Buy the map emulator allowing to browse the coded satellite channels. Such cards are in most cases executed in piracy conditions and also cost money, but, perhaps, such option will cost to you cheaper.

3. Externally maps emulators are similar to normal telephone cards. It is very simple to use them: from the computer load into the card processor the program for work with the tuner, and the firmware containing codes of foreign providers, load into memory of the card. All foreign providers release packages on the specific number of canals. To open the card, enter a special conversation ID. In the card from 16 to 40 channels can be located, everything depends on its type and the version of coding.

4. To update coding and, respectively, to increase number of channels, you can reflash the card, but buy better a programmator which will solve all problems with update. Also look in shops for commercial cards with the high level of protection. They will many cost, considering that you should buy still and a programmator. But to solve to you.

5. One more option decode satellite channels – sharing. Today it is one of the cheapest ways to watch favourite channels. For this purpose buy one official card and connect to it several subscribers at the same time. Thus, you pay for the channel, but only a certain part, but not all sum. The provider, of course, will not evaluate it, but as to the audience it will be convenient to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team