How to decrypt words

How to decrypt words

On the Internet the mode quickly extends to interpretation of words. A part of people sincerely believes in point of this action, others have frankly a good time. In both cases it is about solving of rebuses. Only rules of a puzzle can be different.

It is required to you

  • - "Book Ra" A.A. Tyunyaev;
  • - values of letters.


1. Study values of letters according to "Book Ra" for search of ancient word sense. Write out from the term necessary to you or a name concordants from left to right. Make a phrase, using the following formula. The first letter is a subject or the subject, the second - a predicate or action. The third concordant - an object which the character of the first sign influences. The fourth, in turn, means action of the third which is made over value of the fifth letter. And further on the same logic. Vowels are not considered because it is considered that the ancient letter was exclusively "consonant", that is on the letter only concordants were displayed.

2. Decrypt any name by means of value of letters. Write out interpretations of the characters entering it. Make of them one phrase or more deployed description of the person. Work over formulations. Do the same with caressing forms of a name. Compare and check, than they are similar and what differ in. The large number of possible reductions of a name means versatile influence them on the person. In other words, assumes complexity of the personality.

3. Break a word into syllables or other parts which can make sense. You can add to them the arising terminations to clear value. For example, "aristocrat" – arias - a hundred times – the person possessing it is hundredfold the increased moral qualities.

4. Play comic interpretation of words. Several players participate. The leader selects a word, the following player decrypts it on letters that more or less intelligent phrase turned out. Each letter is responsible for own word. For example, the word "table" - "we battle only tin spoons". At the end of interpretation the following player gets a word for similar operation. The letter can become not only a word, but also a pretext or a particle. And "е" can replace "ё", and "ы" at the end of a word it can be passed or be read as "and". Play will not bother yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team