How to define a chat for children

How to define a chat for children

The chat is the open discussion group on the Internet intended for communication with other people. Children's chats integrate users on age sign. Can sometimes integrate on any thematic sign. It is useful for parents to know to what conditions there should correspond chats on which their children come.


1. Pay attention that even if you the first time come on a chat, you should define its orientation on children at once. If owners of this resource position a chat as children's, the probability of inappropriate subjects for communication or undesirable contacts is minimized. At registration in a chat should not require providing personal information from the child.

2. Find out whether control over a chat is exercised. Most often, this function is performed by voluntary moderators who are obliged to prevent the facts of inappropriate communication and have the right to block access to a chat of the users noticed in incorrect behavior.

3. Find the button of communication with the administrator in a chat. It can be as an additional control measure over a chat, can also just replace moderators. Check whether it works, communicate to the administrator. Besides, safety of communication increases if conversations of participants of a chat are saved. The more monitoring aids it is used in a chat, the more preferable and safer it for the child

4. Take an interest, the atmosphere of communication in a chat is how safe and pleasant, to each other users how tactfully belong. These a lot of things can tell about overall performance of moderators and the administrator. How seriously they treat execution of the obligations for providing security measures of children's communication.

5. Also pay attention whether there is an opportunity to block access for certain users. Access lock allows to prohibit hooligans and breakers of rules to place messages in a chat. Messages from the blocked users cannot appear on the screen.

6. Many chats give to children an opportunity to communicate personally, confidentially. It is carried out using the instant messaging program or by means of correspondence by e-mail. To ensure safety of the child, explain to him that he should use surely an alias and not communicate in personal interactive meeting with people which he does not know personally.

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