How to define a hosting

How to define a hosting

If information placed on one of resources does not suit you or somehow offends, and attempts to contact site administrators remain unsuccessful, you can contact hosting provider directly. To learn the company delivering services of a hosting to this resource it is enough to use any of whois of services.


1. Whois allows to obtain information on the registered domain. Service will display data on the owner of a name, its contact information and NS to which the resource is tied.

2. Pass to any of the resources allowing to learn data on the owner of the domain. For this purpose open a window of the browser and enter request of whois in any search engine. One of the most popular services are whois-service and Also some webmasters insert a form for check on the website.

3. Enter the address of a resource which hosting you want to learn, press the ENTER key or the button Apprx. information on the domain which was specified by the owner at registration will be displayed. In a line of nserver NS used for an address binding to the server is specified. These data belong to the company. If nserver has an appearance of, the second part of the address will specify addressed to provider.

4. Enter the received address into an address bar of the browser and you will be readdressed on the hoster website.

5. If whois displays the addresses NS which directly are not specifying the organization on which servers the website is located it is possible vospolzovatsye the used IP address. Sometimes he is brought in a line to the right of the name nserver, however quite often service just does not show these data. To receive IP, pass into the Start menu of Windows. In the search string of programs enter request of cmd and start the console.

6. Enter the following command: ping adres_nsadres NS – the website address specified in the nserver field. Copy the displayed IP then pass to the domaintools resource and insert the received value. The owner of IP who directly points to the name of hosting provider will be displayed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team