How to define dns the address

How to define dns the address

On an overwhelming part of the websites it is possible to get, having entered a convenient domain name, but the IP address which is not corresponding to it into a line of the browser. Such opportunity exists thanks to the DNS servers (from the English Domain Name System) storing necessary information.


1. What is the DNS address? Actually, it is a synonym of the concept "domain name". If you know the domain, then also the DNS address is known to you. To each domain name there corresponds certain ip. When you enter a domain name in the browser, the DNS service carries out search of ip corresponding to it. Information correlating domain names and the IP addresses is on DNS servers.

2. There is still a concept of a name of the DNS server. Such names are entered at registration of the domain for its binding to a hosting. Need to learn a domain name, the IP address or a name of the DNS server can arise in different situations therefore the user should know how to find the necessary information.

3. If you know a domain name and want to find out a DNS server name, use any whois service – for example, IP Enter a domain name of a resource in the field and click "Request". In the displayed information there will be also data necessary for you. For example, try to receive data on Rambler service. Enter in the search field (it and is the DNS address), in the appeared list there will be also DNS names – for example, nserver:

4. Sometimes there is a need to define the DNS server of provider. For this purpose open the command line (console): "Start-up" - "All programs" - "Standard" - "Command line" or click "Execute" and enter the cmd command. Enter the ipconfig/all command into the opened window of the command line and click Enter. In the line "DNS servers", you will find the addresses necessary to you in the appeared list.

5. If you need to learn the website IP address, it is possible to use the ping command. It is the easiest way. For example, you want to define the address of Rambler service. For this purpose enter the ping command into the console and do not forget to click Enter. Exchange of packages will begin, in the first line you will see the resource IP address: If it is necessary to copy it, click in the console a line with the address the right mouse button and select the Pomenit item in a context menu. After that select with a mouse in line the necessary address and click Enter. The selected part of a line will be copied in a clipboard.

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