How to define Internet service provider

How to define Internet service provider

Internet users get access to network through provider. The provider possesses a certain range of the IP addresses, at connection to network to the user one of the addresses of this range is selected. Existence of the IP address allows to define provider, if necessary, easily.


1. Need to define provider who possesses the specific IP address, can arise in different situations. For example, you managed to calculate ah-p the computer which owner was illegally connected to your machine or committed other illegal acts. In this case you can report to provider about the actions made in such time from such IP address.

2. At suspicion on illegal connection to your computer gather in the command line ("Start-up – All programs – Standard – the Command line") the netstat command – aon and click Enter. Before you there will be a list of all connections with the indication of a foreign address, port to which connection, statuses of connection and other data is carried out. Knowing ip, you can try to find provider.

3. It is very simple to define provider, for this purpose it is enough to use one of the numerous network services providing the corresponding services. For example, to these: Insert interesting you ah-p in the field and click "Request", you obtain all information on provider interesting you, including phone numbers and the e-mail addresses.

4. If necessary you can learn also location of the computer, having used the relevant service: Select on the opened Geokodirovaniye page, then enter the address necessary to you in a search box. The location of the computer will be marked on the appeared map. Really this option does not guarantee determination of exact location, but allows to learn the region.

5. It is necessary to know that really it is almost impossible to find the hacker as in the slightest degree the experienced malefactor always works in network via the proxy server, VPN or "дедик" - someone else's cracked computer. Therefore you, at best, define the address of the proxy server or the person whose computer as an intermediate link was used by the hacker.

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