How to define links to the website

How to define links to the website

On the Internet practically any information is available. Any given web page which is the link is tied to a certain address. To use resources, you need to define links to the website.


1. Any resource, whether it be the picture, music or tex are on a certain website. If you see the link, having clicked it, you anyway will get on the page of some website. Links are displayed in two types – a hyperlink (specially highlighted text when aiming at which, the cursor changes the form) and the full address of the page. In the first case it is enough to you to click an inscription to get on the page interesting you. In the second case you need to copy the address and to insert it into an address bar of your browser, then to click Enter. After a while in a window of the browser the necessary web page will be displayed provided that the address was correctly entered.

2. The hyperlink can be tied to the image. There can be three options: when clicking the picture you get on the website; when clicking the picture you get on the page where the image is displayed completely; when clicking the picture you get on the page of loading of the file. In all three options you will be included in a certain section of some website, however the last option can constitute potential danger as you can download the virus program.

3. If you need to download the software or update to the program, use settings or the menu of the help in which usually specify the version of the program and vendor. In the same place also links to the website of developers of the program can be located. If you did not find them, use search engines, for example, of Rambler, Google, Yandex, etc. Enter the necessary request into a dialog box and wait when results are displayed. Actually the search result, it is also the list of links to the website among which find that which interests you.

4. When you are on a certain website and want to save the link to it, click an address bar of the browser. The address will automatically be selected completely, click Ctrl+C or in the context menu opened by right-clicking select the Copy item. Then create the separate text document and insert information from a clipboard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team