How to define subject of the website

How to define subject of the website

During the adding or search of the website for "Yandex. The directory" it is much simpler to select subject initially. It is possible to define subject in different ways. They are developed by optimizers of the project of Yandex.

It is required to you

  • Addition "Yandex. Bar" for web browsers.


1. Usually the subject belongs not only to the website, but also a domain name. Often it happens so that the subject of links to the website is a collateral factor, and content, i.e. the placed material (articles, notes and pictures) will always be the basic. There are several ways of determination of this parameter.

2. The automatic way consists in viewing information on the website through special applications. Installation of additional programs not always well affects purity of the register of your operating system therefore it is recommended to use additions for your browser. Try "Yandex. Bar" or RDS-Bar.

3. Pass to settings of the web browser and select "Expansions" or "Additions". In a search string enter the name and click the ENTER key. Add the found element, restart the program if it is required.

4. Now open the necessary website and contact a top panel by means of which control of the enabled addition is exercised. Press the tITs button (thematic index of citing) — in a pop-up window the following data will be displayed: domain, its subject, region "Yandex. Directory" and directly tITs.

5. The task is carried out, but not for users of the Opera browsers of the Norwegian production. The panel is installed perfectly, but as there is no such tITs parameter just. What can be made? It is necessary to use the following algorithm: copy the lineсайт.ru, insert into an address bar of your browser, replace expression of "сайт.ру" with other domain.

6. Click the ENTER key to receive result. You will see a text fragment of the code of the page of the required domain. The necessary value is in the title parameter. For fast search use a special form: click the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F, enter title and click the ENTER key.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team