How to define the website engine

How to define the website engine

All websites function on the basis of different content management systems or as they are called still, on different engines. The engine arranges the website, simplifies work with content and also allows to edit easily and quickly filling of the website even if you are not a specialist in the field of computer technologies. Sometimes to understand what represents any given website, it is necessary to understand on the basis of what engine it works.


1. It is the simplest to define website engine type when it is specified in the lower part of the page or in the section of information. If in such a way it is not possible to define the engine, pass to more difficult ways of its identification.

2. Different engines have features which are shown in the http-addresses, cookies and other parameters. For example, the WordPress engine differs in an address bar – you can easily determine it by the address Gather this address in an address bar of the browser, having entered the website address instead of and if the page of authorization of the administrator of WordPress opens, you defined the engine correctly.

3. Besides, for definition of the engine you can open the source code of the page – it can be done in any browser. Find information on on what engine the website is managed in the code of the page. If in the addresses of styles the text of wp-content meets, for example, it also speaks about the WordPress engine.

4. To define the engine of the website working at Data Life Engine open initial HTML code of the page – you will find in it the line"/>. The addresses of the following type will appear as a source of scripts in the source code of such engine: engine/ajax/dle_ajax.js.

5. If the website works on the engine Bitrix, browse its HTML code – path to the CSS file should include the word bitrix which, besides, is included in all addresses of the graphic files used on the website.

6. Also path to the CSS files helps to identify the Maxsite CMS engine – the word maxsite contains in path to files of styles, scripts and plug-ins of the website.

7. To define existence of the Danneo engine in work of the website, enter after a domain name / apanel.

8. If the website is written on the Joomla engine, enter after a domain name of website/administrator, or check whether the domain name to the CSS file in the source code of the page is included.

9. It is possible to define the MODx CMS engine, having found the assets point in path to pictures, files of style and scripts in the code of the page.

10. Also you can use the special services and plug-ins which are built in the browser for definition of the engine of the websites – for example, Wappalyzer plug-in.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team