"How to define whether there is an Internet"

"How to define whether there is an Internet"

If in the browser the websites ceased to be loaded, it is necessary to check what became the incident reason. The provider can have it, for example, loss of connection with provider, malfunctions and also program or machine failures in the computer.


1. Check whether everything the websites are loaded, or stopped working only part of them. In the second case the hosting provider servicing these websites can be responsible for malfunctions. It is also possible that you forgot to pay Internet access, or at your provider scheduled maintenance is conducted, and to you remained only resources of a local area network are available. If in attempt to visit any given site there is notification that it contains extremist information and is blocked though you tried to get on the page where there are no such materials with guarantee, so your provider uses outdated monitoring aids of access which block not specific pages, but the websites entirely.

2. It is necessary to distinguish the malicious applications imitating such situations from the present notifications on blocking. The feature of such programs is that they require for an unblocking payment, for example, through the SMS. Quite often they block operation not of the browser, and OS in general. Do not give in on similar tricks even if on the screen there was warning of prosecution in case of failure to pay imaginary "penalty". Immediately start treatment of a virus.

3. When using of the router or modem router and existence check more than one computer whether the Internet works on other machines. If on the case of the router the LED corresponding to your computer went out, the fault can be both in the network interface card, and in the device. Try to trade places cables in output connectors of the router and to look what will change. By results of check make the decision on replacement of the network interface card in the computer or to involvement in the router of the free output connector (if that is available).

4. It is possible to check availability of a web resource the ping utility. Its syntax in Linux and Windows is identical: ping name.domain, where name.domain - a domain name. Then in Linux interrupt work of the utility manually, having clicked Ctrl+C, and in Windows it will complete the work itself, having sent four requests.

5. The fault of the domain name server (DNS) is one more reason of unavailability of the websites. If the IP address of any resource is known to you, take him in an address bar of the browser instead of URL. If to the IP address it is possible to get on the website, and on a domain name - no, it is necessary to wait until the operability of DNS is restored.

6. Enter into Linux the ifconfig command, and into Windows - ipconfig/All. If except the loopback device you find one more, for example, the network interface card or the USB modem, so this device not only is revealed OS and is correctly configured, but also actively at present. But the result of such check does not say anything about whether those nodes of the device which carry out data exchange with the external equipment are serviceable.

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