How to delete a banner and an informer

How to delete a banner and an informer

It is possible to disconnect a virus advertizing banner independently. For this purpose it is necessary to know several ways of its shutdown. You can select for yourself the most acceptable option.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - Windows setup disk.


1. If you use the Windows 7 or Vista operating systems, and you have a disk containing installation files of data of OS, then use it for shutdown of a banner. Insert the above-stated disk into your DVD driver and turn on the computer. Open the BIOS menu and pass to the Boot Device point. Include loading from the DVD driver. Reboot the PC and wait for start of setup of new OS.

2. Open the Additional Parameters of Recovery menu after emergence of the corresponding window. Start the Start Recovery function. The program will automatically correct incorrect files of automatic loading, thereby having disconnected a virus banner.

3. If function of recovery of start did not help you to get rid of an informer, then select the System recovery item. Specify Show Other Checkpoints option in the following window. Select that from them which was created before emergence of an advertizing window. Wait for completion of process of system recovery.

4. If you have no opportunity to use a boot drive, then find the mobile phone with Internet access or other computer. Visit the following sites:, and Find special fields on the opened pages and fill them with the required information which you can receive from the text of a virus banner. Click "Receive the Code".

5. Use the combinations given you for shutdown of a banner. Substitute them in the field of an informer and click the ENTER key. If any of passwords did not approach, then connect your hard drive to other computer.

6. Download the utility for a system unblocking from the website and start it. Delete the found infected files. Install the winchester in the old PC and include it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team