How to delete a proxy the server

How to delete a proxy the server

Proxy servers are used for execution of indirect requests or gaining access to the Internet via a certain computer or local connection. To delete the proxy server, it is necessary to turn off this function in your browser.


1. Start the Opera browser and come into its main menu. Select the section Preferences and go to the Advanced tab. Bleach the Network point and press the Proxy Servers button. Delete all settings and remove ticks then click "Apply" and close a window. Restart the browser that settings became effective.

2. Open settings of the Mozilla Firefox web browser and go to the General tab. Select the section Connection Settings and open the Manual Proxy Configuration window. Delete data on a server name and the port number of a proxy. Click "Ok" then activate an operation mode "Without proxy". Save settings.

3. Come into the menu of settings of the Google Chrome browser and go to In the addition tab. Find the Change Proxy Server Settings point in the section "Network" and press the corresponding button. Delete all settings and cancel use of the proxy server. Click "Apply" and close a window.

4. Pass into the Tools menu of the Internet Explorer browser and open the section Internet Options. Click on the Connections tab and select the LAN Settings item. To delete the proxy server, it is necessary to remove a tick near the inscription Use a proxy server. Click "Save" and restart the browser.

5. Switch-off the proxy server which was configured in Netscape Navigator 4. Start the program and open the Edit menu and go to the Preferences tab. Find the menu of the proxy server in the section of connection and delete all specified ports and servers. If you configured the proxy server in the Konqueror program, then it is possible to delete it in settings, having removed the corresponding checkboxes the section Proxies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team