How to delete a website

How to delete a website

There are several ways by means of which the user can delete own website. All of them require lawful access to directories and files on the page and discussions of the matter with service of a hosting.


1. Removal of the website on the computer running UNIX if you use this system. It is made by means of Telnet service for access to the top directory of files. Enter the "rm-r [directory]" command where "directory" - a name of the main directory. It will allow to delete all subdirectories of the website at once. If the main directory is still present, learn whether there is a directory of higher level and make removal of all components already from it.

2. Use FTP-applications, for example, of WS_FTP, for access to website contents. In this case you should delete at first files in subdirectories, and already then – in the main directories. This way is more difficult therefore in a case with the bulky website can take away a lot of time.

3. Delete the website by means of Adobe Dreamweaver, having clicked the Website tab, then "Management of the websites". Select the website which should be deleted, and click "Delete". Confirm action in response to request. The same allows to run also Microsoft Expression.

4. Contact service of a web hosting to learn whether is at them there is the file control system by means of which the user can delete web files directly. Perhaps, you need obtaining the corresponding permission for removal of a resource. It is also possible just to cease to pay web hosting services, and the company will independently delete your website. Some of them delete also resources which are not updated a long time.

5. Disconnect the website temporarily, having changed a index.html page name, for example, to index.old, etc. As the majority of links begins with index.html or index.htm, it will be enough effectively to close access to the website. Though it will also not work if the homepage has other structure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team