How to delete a window

How to delete a window

For removal of various advertizing windows there is a set of the checked methods. The choice of the way suitable you depends on with what type of a banner you deal.

It is required to you

  • Web CureIt, Adblocker.


1. If you want to get rid of advertizing banners which appear at visit of the different websites, then it is the most reasonable to use the special utility. As an example, install Adblocker plug-in in the browser. This utility is created especially for prevention of emergence of pop-up windows.

2. If you need to delete the advertizing window appearing at a login to the operating system, then for a start try to enter the necessary code. Open the or page. Enter number of account or phone which is contained in the text of a window and click "Receive the Code".

3. As an alternative source of search of passwords use the website Having visited this resource, use the method described in the previous step or select that which appeared at you on the screen from ready windows.

4. If it was not succeeded to pick up a right combination, try to delete independently the program causing emergence of a banner. Open the control panel and pass to point "Installation and removal of programs. Find the malicious application and click "Delete".

5. You can find virus files independently. Open the hard drive on which the operating system is installed. Pass into the Windows directory, and then open system32 folder. Among all files with the dll extension find those which name contains in the end a combination of the letters lib, for example prtlib.dll. Delete these files.

6. If you could not execute the algorithm described in the previous step, or it did not help to delete an advertizing window, then pass to the website Download the CureIt utility and start it. Select The Strengthened Protection Mode item. After removal of an advertizing window reboot and make sure that the banner did not appear again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team