How to delete all letters from a mailbox

How to delete all letters from a mailbox

From time to time on a mailbox of the user such number of letters can accumulate that all of them to read it will be simply unreal. That statistics of messages did not distract you in the time spent in e-mail, you can delete all letters simply.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. Authorization in mail. Before you are able to delete all letters from a mailbox, you need to come into it, using your password and also a user name. These data need to be entered in the respective fields and to wait for authorization in service. Having appeared in a mailbox, you can start removal of letters.

2. Removal of incoming letters. Being in a personal account of the mail account, follow the link "Entering". In the top of the list of all incoming letters you will see the Note Everything field. Check this field then, set the Delete parameter in the graph "Actions" and click "OK". This procedure needs to be repeated until until all incoming letters are deleted.

3. Removal of the sent letters. Also in the time spent in a personal account of the mail account, you need to follow the link "Sent". Here you will see the list of all sent by you before messages. To delete all messages from your mailbox, check the Note Everything point and perform the operations similar to the previous step.

4. After removal of all letters from categories, they are included in the section "Remote" (also this section can be called "Basket"). Opposite to this section you will see the link "Clean a Basket". Click this link. After that all letters will be completely deleted from your mailbox.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team