How to delete cookies

How to delete cookies

Cookies (from English cookie) is a small volume of text information which the browser obtains from the server. Further the browser saves this information to transfer it to the server with each request. Sometimes it is required "clean cookies", i.e. delete some or all files of this kind saved by the browser.


1. To delete cookies in the Internet Explorer browser - in the menu "Service" open "Internet Options". In the opened window in the General tab, find the History of Viewing block and click "Delete". Further click "Delete Cookie".

2. If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, come into the Tools menu - the line "Setup". The Privacy tab is necessary for you. Having opened this tab, follow the link "Delete Separate Cookies". In the Cookies window you can view all saved files and delete them (all at once or separately).

3. In the Opera browser come into the main menu and open a drop-down list of "Setup", the Delete Personal Data point. Further open the Detailed Setup list. Here you can clean all cookies or only cookies of the last session.

4. The Google Chrome browser the Delete Data on the Viewed Pages function, the Confidentiality block allows to delete cookies through the Tools menu. Here press the Delete Data on the Viewed Pages button and specify for what period you want to delete files of cookies.

5. For the Mac OS-Safari system take place in the browser according to the following scheme of links: - the Setup point - the Safety tab - further "Show to the Editing menu cookies" – and, at last, "Delete everything".

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