"How to delete group of VKontakte if I am a creator"

"How to delete group of VKontakte if I am a creator"

Users of one of the largest social networks in the world are quite often concerned by a question: how to delete group of VKontakte if I am a creator? The community created by you can be deleted, using the administrative functions which are specially intended for this purpose.


1. If you the creator to delete group of VKontakte will not make special work, it is enough to come into the profile by means of the personal login and the password, and then to select the Groups item in the main menu at the left. Thumb through the list of your communities and select that which is created by you that is where you are an administrator with access to change of settings of group.

2. It is possible to delete group of VKontakte if the creator clicks the link "Management of Group" which is under the photo of community. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity "erase" group one click, and the procedure needs to be performed step by step. At first open the section "Heads", and delete all users in addition to you from there. After that click "Participants" and delete each group member. Alas, this procedure can take a lot of time if in community there are a lot of users therefore have patience or look on the Internet for special scripts for administrators of groups of VKontakte – code commands which input in a line of the browser allows to perform quickly any given operation, for example, at once to clean the list of group members.

3. Start removal of photos and videos of group. Make sure that in it there is also no playlist left. Further delete all records from a wall. And again, if there is a lot of them, find the corresponding script that considerably will simplify a task. As soon as everything is ready, erase information on group and delete the main menu on the homepage (if it is). Erase given in the section "References".

4. Attentively study group after removal in it all data. If all sections are completely blank, set the status of the Closed group in parameters. At will it is possible to change the name of community on, for example, "The group is deleted" or Deleted. After that delete yourself from the list of administrators, having confirmed with consent this action. Now the group will not be available in search of VKontakte social network and also it will not be seen by search engines of the Internet. After a while the link to community also completely will disappear from social network.

5. There is a cunning way quickly and completely to delete group of VKontakte if you the creator. For this purpose it is necessary to write the letter to technical support of VK and to ask to delete this community, having specified the reason (for example, "as superfluous") and having added a phrase "I confirm removal as the administrator". The staff of support desk will study all data and will independently delete group of social network.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team