How to delete guests in my World

How to delete guests in my World

On boundless open spaces of the Russian Internet there is a huge number of social networks of the different direction and subject. For example, "my World" from is focused on communication by means of video of communication and a chat. This social network holds a specific place among others. It incorporated all most modern software solutions which allow its users to listen to music, to watch videos, to create broadcastings by means of the webcam and many other things.


1. It is also possible to add friends and to give marks to photos of users. Thanks to all these advantages, the social network "My World" is selected by millions of users, and their number continues to grow.
If you want delete guests from "My world", come into the section friends and delete them on one. The Friends menu is on your page in social network from To delete the friend, guide at him the cursor and click "Delete". This person will at once disappear from the list of your friends.

2. The section "Guests" to "My world" are on the right, is slightly lower than friends. Unfortunately, you will manage to delete them hardly. They are just substituted with the new users visiting your page. If in the list of guests there is your friend, then delete it in the section "Friends". If there are specific questions, you at any time can contact administrators of this social network who will do everything possible to help you as soon as possible.

3. The tab "Guests" on a page in "my World" is made in order that the user could see who visits its page. The most popular pages are visited by thousands of users daily. To become higher searching and to make the page of more prseshchayemy, raise the rating. Today there is a set of ways it to make. For example, create broadcasting by means of the webcam and attract in it a large number of users. The more visitors will visit a page, the its rating will become higher. Also, to raise rating, pay money and buy the vip-status. It will allow to increase it by several hundreds of points.

4. It is theoretically possible to delete guests from My World if you contact the administrator. It will be able, having entered a certain program code, to nullify the list of the users coming to you. However it becomes in special, emergencies so you should not disturb the moderator on trifles. On a page you can find a set of tabs and functions, study them everything, and you will become the experienced user of social network "My World".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team