How to delete messages of VKontakte

How to delete messages of VKontakte

The reasons for removal of messages of VKontakte can be different. But sooner or later for many users it becomes a necessity. Regardless of for what it was required to delete messages – with the purpose to hide them or to bring order to them – the way is for this purpose quite simple.

To delete messages of personal correspondence, become authorized in the account. Go to the tab entitled "My messages". Now you can delete them separately or remove a dialog with a certain person entirely.

Guide the cursor at a cross in the upper right corner of a dialog or the message. In attempt to delete a dialog entirely you will need to confirm in addition the intention in a pop-up window. It is necessary to understand that this action will not manage to be cancelled any more, the remote dialog is not subject to recovery.

If you want to delete not all dialog with the user of VKontakte, and some messages from it, select the defective messages. For this purpose click in the left side of the message – they will be noted by ticks. In a window on the place of the message there will be a link for its recovery.

To delete messages of VKontakte on the computer or the laptop, it is recommended to use this method.

How to delete messages of VKontakte from the smartphone (android client)

The android client gives the chance to delete dialogs or separate messages. Become authorized and open the corresponding point. On a dialog click a finger and hold so until the menu appears. Then select cleaning of history of messages from the list, confirm the choice.

For removal of messages separately it is necessary to log in to a dialog. It is executed by means of long clicking, then we select the messages which are subject to removal, and we click a basket icon. The choice is required to be confirmed.

Removal of messages with use of programs, scripts is not recommended to be executed if there is no experience in it. It can lead to loss of the account permanently.

How to delete messages of VKontakte not only on the party

Removal of messages on the party of the recipient is possible only if you come into its account, using the login and the password with the consent of the user. From the sender the removal of messages is impossible, kind of you were not assured. Even if you will come across the advertizing offering such service, this work of swindlers.

How to be if accidentally sent the message not to that addressee? The easiest way for correction of a situation is to apologize and explain an error. But it is not always possible therefore it is better to select other way. It is possible to try to mislead a system and to achieve that she will delete your message, having taken it for spam. Copy it and send to several more addressees. As a rule, the system of VKontakte takes such action for spam sending and deletes it. But it must be kept in mind that after that the functionality of your account can be limited and obtaining a bigger quantity of problems can become result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team