How to delete music of VKontakte

How to delete music of VKontakte

Social networks have huge popularity today. Only units are not registered by VKontakte. But now not about it, and about that how to delete music from "contact".


1. Start the computer. After the computer is switched on, left-click on a label Internet and be connected to "world wide web". As soon as connection with the server is established, start the browser, having left-clicked on a label.

2. In the searcher enter the name of the interesting website, namely or just click on this link and at you this website will automatically open. In the E-mail/login and password windows enter the data. Having appeared on the page provided that the password and the login were entered correctly, come into the audio recordings.

3. Before you the window where all list of your songs and tracks is submitted opened. Select an audio recording which you are going to delete. After a choice is made, click on the link "editing" on a top panel of a window of audio recordings. For this purpose left-click on the editing button. If before to the left of an audio recording there was an icon for playback, and information on time which it goes is provided on the right, then now under each audio recording the removal button will appear. Once again listen to an audio recording precisely to make sure that you want to delete it. If all of you decided to make it, then the left mouse button click on the link "removal" and the audio recording will be removed

4. If all of you decided not to delete an audio recording, then it can be restored provided that you did not refresh the page. For this purpose just left-click by the restore button in that place where there was a remote audio recording. The audio recording is restored again.

5. But if after removal you refreshed the page, then and in this case there is an opportunity to restore it. For this purpose on a top panel find the reference "search" and left-click on it to start. In a blank line where it is written "search" enter the name of an audio recording which you would like to add. Then the left mouse button press the search button. The window with audio recordings where you will be able to find a remote audio recording will open and to add to itself to audio recordings. To add an audio recording, click on an icon ""+" to the right of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team