How to delete old connections

How to delete old connections

When using several providers of the Internet there are unnecessary Internet connections. If you are convinced that further you do not need their use, you can delete them from your computer.

It is required to you

  • - access to the computer.


1. Make sure that any of the Internet connections deleted by you at the moment is not used. For this purpose browse the current Internet connection on a task bar in the window lower right corner. Open the complete list of Internet connections on your computer through the corresponding menu of the control panel. Select among them those which will not be necessary further for you, press the Delete button or the Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut for removal without moving to a basket. Delete also the labels of connections created on a desktop for quick access.

2. If during removal of any Internet connection there were certain difficulties, check whether it is used at the moment by other user of the computer. Also when sharing Internet connection left-click on it twice and install a tick on point of use of connection only for the current user of a system.

3. At emergence of problems with removal of Internet connection pay attention whether it is connection by default for any of users of the operating system.

4. For this purpose come in turn under each of the accounts which are available on your computer, open the list of the available connections and check whether the tick on connection which you want to delete is installed. If it is necessary, right-click on it and from the appeared context menu remove use it by default.

5. During removal of the Internet connections which are not used by you make sure that further you really do not need to use them. Best of all save data of logins and passwords in the separate text file. Pay attention that if you cease to use Internet connection, you need to report to provider about the termination of use of its services.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team