How to delete old passwords and logins

How to delete old passwords and logins

For protection of personal data and maintenance of confidentiality the majority of the websites and electronic mailboxes require registration. At the same time web browsers offer function of saving the password and the subsequent automatic login to often visited pages. You can use the same login and the password everywhere or to save it only for the specific website.


1. The logins and passwords once entered at registration or authorization automatically are saved in memory of the web browser. If you had a need to visit the website under other nickname (to use other account), you can just click "Output" on the homepage of the website or the postal address and enter the new login and the password. At the same time to delete old of memory of the browser not necessarily.

2. If other person works on your computer now, and you do not want that he visited pages under your name, you can create the password which will protect your data. Automatic login to the websites will be saved, but will be available only after introduction of the special password.

3. To create it in the Opera browser, come into "Menu", guide the cursor at the line "Setup" and select the General settings tab. It is possible to make it by means of the keyboard if to click "Ctrl+F12".

4. In a context menu of "General settings" select the Expanded tab. In the left column functions of these settings will appear.

5. Click the option "Safety". Press the Set the Password button. Think up the password and enter it into the corresponding window. To check itself, print the same combination in the field of "Repeat the Password".
Remember or write the password.

6. Select how often the browser should request the password. The field with the choice is under the Set the Password button and is activated if the password is saved in memory of Opera.

7. If you after all want to delete passwords of the websites which visited via the Opera browser, also come into "The main settings" through "Menu", in the opened dialog box select the Forms tab.

8. If you have a tick near the Include Password Management command, then confidential data is saved in Opera.

9. Press the Passwords button. Before you the addresses of the websites which you visited a floor the registered name will open. Click with the left mouse button on the name of the website and click "Delete", being on the right.

10. Confirm the actions, having clicked "OK".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team