How to delete open pages

How to delete open pages

The architecture of the Internet means in the structure so-called "pages" with different information on which millions of net surfers come every day. There are many ways to delete these pages if they are not necessary to you any more.


1. Close open Internet pages in the browser the same as you close a window of any other program – having clicked in the upper right corner the red button in the form of a square with a cross. So you will close all open Internet tabs at once. In some browsers, for example, in Mozilla Firefox, you will see a question whether you want to close everything or only the current (browsed) page.

2. If at you several Internet pages are opened, and you want to close only one of them, pay attention to the small icon in the form of a cross which is located at the upper right on this tab. Having clicked on it the left mouse button, you immediately will close this page. Others at the same time will remain available for viewing.

3. Carry out closing of the page on the Internet through a context menu. Right-click on a page bookmark above and select "Close". It is also possible to close all pages, having opened a context menu on any of them and having selected the option "Close Everything".

4. If the page or several pages "hung up", and you cannot close them, try to update one or tabs all at once, having clicked the corresponding icon the toolbars of your browser (two arrows), or having used an option of the Update context menu.

5. If open pages are not refreshed and not closed, click at the same time the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl, Alt, Del. On the screen the task manager will appear. Go in its window to the Applications tab, select the working program browser and click in the bottom of the Remove a Task window. Thus you delete open Internet pages from the screen of the monitor.

6. To delete the addresses of the opened pages from the history of visits in your browser, use the following algorithm. Come into "Service" - the option which is in the command line of the browser. Select the Delete the Log of the Observer item. In the appeared dialog box suggesting to select different data for removal note the Log parameter, then click "Delete". All information which was the log of visits will disappear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team