How to delete the declaration

How to delete the declaration

With development of the Internet the special websites created for convenience of users began to arise. These are the websites with different declarations. In network it is possible to sell or buy everything that is necessary or it is not necessary, it is possible to get advice on various issues, to make friends, to share opinion, etc. However, posting any given declaration on any website, users sometimes face a problem of removal of the declaration.


1. Before submitting the declaration, attentively read terms of service and frequently asked questions which are placed on the homepage of the website. It is useful not only for submission of the declaration. Usually there the operations procedure for removal of the declaration is described.

2. At submission of declarations give the operating e-mail and cell phone number, well remember or write the thought-up passwords. This information will help to delete already unnecessary declaration quickly.

3. It is possible to delete declarations from the website traditionally with one of ways. Enter on the website, using the same login and the password under which you advertized. Find the declaration, pass to its page. Examine the page. Find the Delete or Edit buttons. Click and perform the offered operations. In a case will suggest "to Edit" to you at choice or "Close", or "Refuse services", or something similar. Confirm the intention, click OK.

4. If you forgot the password under which entered on the website, just find the declaration and click it with a mouse. Usually various actions with this declaration are immediately offered. Find the Password recovery point or something like that, then specify the address of the mailbox to which you will be told the forgotten password. Further act according to the previous scheme.

5. One more way of removal of the declaration from the website is the letter to the site administrator. Find on the homepage of the website the button with the name "Contacts", "Help", etc. Enter on this page, in the opened window write the letter on intention to delete the declaration, copy the text of the declaration there, specify its number. Also specify your contacts. Through the put period (at each website it is stipulated in rules), the declaration it will be deleted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team