How to delete the folder in mail

How to delete the folder in mail

The Yandex e-mail server allows to work comfortably with electronic correspondence, to arrange work with letters, to distribute them according to the necessary folders. If any folder is not necessary to you more, it can be deleted with ease, having made for all this several clicks by a mouse.


1. Start the browser in the normal way and enter the electronic mailbox, having entered the corresponding login and the password. You will get on the page of management of letters.

2. Find the option "Setup" (it is below the address of your e-mail) in the upper right corner of the page and click on a line with the left mouse button. You will pass into a window with the choice of different options for setup of correct works mails.

3. In this window select the section "Folders and Tags" from which it is possible to edit and delete folders. Left-click on the corresponding line link.

4. Having moved to the following level, you will see a window with scroll bar which contains the list of all folders which are available at the moment. More to the left of a window, possible options of actions are located. Pay attention that the folders provided by a mail service by default are located in the list above. The folders created by you independently are located below. Find the folder which you want to delete.

5. To make any action with the folder, it should be selected previously. For this purpose guide the cursor at the name of the necessary folder and click it with the left mouse button. After execution of this step, buttons with available actions are activated.

6. Press the Delete button and return to the main window. Be attentive: this procedure does not require confirmations to cancel, therefore, it in case of an error you will not manage. All letters which were in the remote folder will be deleted together with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team