How to delete the history of viewing

How to delete the history of viewing

The organization of viewing pages of the websites in modern browsers such is that allows any person having access to your computer to browse the history of your actions on the Internet. And websites have too an opportunity to monitor your movements to networks. Therefore for ensuring confidentiality sometimes it makes sense to clean the history of viewing stored in the browser.


1. In the Opera browser for removal of history of viewing it is necessary to pass in "Main menu" into the section "Setup", and in it to select the Delete Personal Data item. The choice of this point opens a dialog box where you need to deploy the full list of the data stored by the browser which it is possible to assign to removal. For this purpose click a tag "Detailed setup" and note all data types which should be deleted. The Clean the History of the Visited Pages point is in this list too. Pay special attention to an option of removal of passwords - remove a tag from this point if you want to save them. In conclusion click "OK".

2. In Mozilla FireFox for cleaning of the log of visits". If it is necessary to delete and other data - make the corresponding marks. Then click "Delete Now".

3. In Internet Explorer to reach the option "Removal of the Overview", you should select the Delete the Log of the Observer item in the section "Service". It will open a window from several sections. In the section "Log" you need to click the Delete History button. The observer will demand operation confirmation - click "Yes".

4. In the Google Chrome browser it is enough to click the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + DEL that the window with the heading "Clean Data of Viewings" opened. It is possible to select and long path - click the icon with the image of a wrench in the upper right corner, select in the menu the section "Tools", and in it the Removal of Data on the Viewed Documents point. You need to specify the period in a window of data scrubbing of viewings and to make a tag opposite to the Clean the History of Viewing point, and then to click "Delete Data on the Viewed Pages".

5. In the Safari browser for cleaning of history open the section "History" in the menu and select in it the lowermost item - "Clean History". The browser will ask operation confirmations - click "Clean".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team