How to delete the hosts file at an input on the website of VKontakte

How to delete the hosts file at an input on the website of VKontakte

The network address of any Internet page can be presented in the digital or alphabetic form, for example, (domain name) or (IP address). The text file hosts is responsible for conversion of domain names to the IP address and inverse transformation on the computer.

What is hosts

The hosts file is in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc folder. Except the comments noted by the # icon it contains the last line with the local address of the computer: localhost. For Windows 7 and Windows Vista the last lines of the file look a little differently: localhost

:: 1 localhost

On an Internet slang in a broad sense understand the server providing access to the files placed on it as the word ""host"". When you enter a domain name of the website into an address bar, any browser first of all refers to the hosts file on your computer to check whether this name contains there. If the name is not found, there is accessing the DNS server which will transform domain names to the IP addresses. The website opens if to this name there corresponds any IP address.


How to change hosts

Desire of workers to spend working hours on different social networks often irritates employers. And it is not always pleasant to parents that children vanish on Одноклассники.ру or VKontakte. It is possible to block these websites on the computer if to change hosts file contents. If you cannot come on VK, quite perhaps, the user with the rights of the administrator near the IP address of the local computer wrote a domain name of your favourite website:

The website of VKontakte has several "mirrors", i.e. domain names therefore blocking only of one of them does not make sense.

Besides, some viruses change value of the file, registering to the right of IP a domain name of the false website of VK on which from you can demand to send a payment for access to your account.

To come on VK, you will need to restore initial hosts value. As hosts – the normal text file, it is possible to change it by means of any text editor, for example, "Notepad". Right-click according to the icon of the file and select the Open with the Help item, then "Notepad". After that the file will be editable. Write the correct value of a domain name for the local computer depending on the version of Windows.

It is possible just to delete the hosts file – after reset the system will restore it with values by default.

Pay attention: the hosts file has no expansion. It is the text file, but not the document. If you see an icon of hosts.txt, quite perhaps, it is the false file created by a virus. To see real, in the etc folder come into the menu "Service", select "Properties of the folder" and open the View tab. Note "Show the hidden files and folders".

However it is possible that the virus or the computer administrator blocked a possibility of change of the file. Right-click on its icon and select "Properties". Pay attention what permissions stand in the Safety tab. Put a checkbox near the Allow to Change point for your account.

If this action is unavailable, reboot and log in in the safe mode. For this purpose key F8 after initial loading and select "The safe mode" in the menu of ways of loading. After that try to edit the file or to delete it.

There is one more way. If to you did not block an opportunity to change the hosts file, download it from other computer and install on the.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team