How to delete the page in Mail. Agent

How to delete the page in Mail. Agent

For a number of reasons many people have a desire to delete my World from a mail ru – in other words, to remove the page. Perhaps, it is connected with unwillingness to use this service in general, personal experiences, expression of the protest or something else. In any case, the service does not interfere in it with the users and grants the right without special work to delete the page from my World.


1. You can make it in two ways. If you want to delete not only your page, but also a mailbox, use the stages given below. In this case removal of your e-mail address will cause removal and all other your services: photo album, my World, video and many other. But this operation should be performed if you resolved not to use under your login services any more.

2. For this purpose enter the mail, enter the correct login and the password. Copy and insert the specified link into a browser window (Mozilla Firefox, Opera or something other – it does not matter).

3. Further you will get on the page of removal of e-mail a mail ru. Here you will see information on your data in service which will be deleted together with your mailbox. Below you will see the empty column with an inscription: "Please, enter the reason" where you should report the reason for which you wish to delete the mailbox. For you there is also a right of removal of a box without indication of the reasons. Even if you will leave the column not filled, can continue process.

4. Enter the current password, thereby confirming your action, and click "Delete".

From this point your mailbox on is deleted. If desired you will be able to restore the mailbox on майл.ру, using the same login and the password. However all data will be erased.

5. If you want to delete only my World from a mail ru - enter my world under the login and the password. Open the first tab and thumb through the page to the bottom. Under the heading "Delete My World" you will see the following information: "Yes, I want to Delete the World, having lost all in-fed information permanently". Click the selected section of a line, and your page will be deleted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team