How to delete the page in Rambler

How to delete the page in Rambler

The information portal Rambler trying to keep up to date regularly offers the users all new opportunities. Weather, a horoscope, acquaintances – these and many services become available at once the field of registration on the website. However quite often advertizing, constantly imposed friends force to leave website open spaces more on it not to appear.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - registration on the website Rambler.


1. It is quite simple to delete the account from Rambler. As well as to register in e-mail. All steam of steps – and you can forever leave open spaces of Rambler and predostavlemy services by it.

2. To register on the website, you needed to create the email, first of all. You get access to all portals provided by Rambler through it. Pay attention: deleting the page from the website, you do not lose the e-mail address. Also you can use it as well as before.

3. If your solution once and for all to leave the website final, then for commission of the main step you need to visit the page on the social network Rambler. Further pass into the Setup menu. Select the Removal of the Questionnaire item. Click on the link. In the opened window at you will take an interest whether really you want to delete the questionnaire. If your affirmative answer, click on the corresponding button.

4. At the same time you should know that within thirty days from the date of application for removal of the account, you still can change the solution. For the tenth, twentieth and thirtieth day about decision instants about removal from the website to you on e-mail the message will arrive, having followed the link of which you can cancel removal and restore the page. If you do not use the present possibility, in thirty days your profile will be deleted from the website.

5. Besides, Rambler suggests to hide the page, without resorting to the procedure of removal. For this purpose you also should come into the Setup menu. Then select the section "Participation in Search" and remove a tick from the Participation point. Here you can change also other personal settings. So, for example, in the section "My Page" there is a function of inclusion and switching off of separate parts of the page ("Acquaintances", "Type", "Self-portrait" and others). At the right time clicking of the corresponding buttons you can quickly recover all the data, having again returned them on the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team