How to delete the page on the website

How to delete the page on the website

On some websites it will not turn out to delete the account with one clicking of the button. A striking example is everything the known website of VKontakte from removal for which some users turns into the whole problem. Developers can be understood, they do not want to lose audience and daily visitors, here only many users of VKontakte became literally dependent on this social network. The only thing that can help them — full removal of the page.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet connection, account in social network VKontakte.


1. Thanks to the innovation accepted in the summer of 2011, each user can delete the page, having used the corresponding menu item. For this purpose turn into "My settings" and  at the very bottom click on the link "Delete the Page". Further it is necessary to specify the removal reason from the list, or to write it and to confirm removal. Your friends will see this news in a tape, and your page will become closed with the status "The page is deleted". Minus this way is that the page can always be restored in two clicks that is big temptation for the users who "sat down" on VKontakte.

2. Begin to configure actively against yourself administration of the website: send spam on the walls of groups and other accounts, using spam software. Now these actions are actively monitored and similar accounts are removed without trials and warnings. But  besides, the page can be restored subsequently.

3. Register a new mailbox, tie it to the page and delete this e-mail. Delete all friends, subscribers, all content (a photo, video, music, records from a wall , etc.). Change a surname and a name. Further change the password from the page for generated, do not write it anywhere and  do not remember. In privacy settings put Only I value everywhere and you leave the account, without having saved the password. After a while your page will be deleted, and you  will not be able to recover the password since you destroyed all catches. Only then it is possible to consider the page completely remote.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team