How to delete the profile in acquaintances

How to delete the profile in acquaintances

It makes sense to save the account on a dating site until the person is in search of the second half. But as soon as it are, there is a requirement of the page from this resource at a distance.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - filling of a special form


1. If service was paid, fill a special form to refuse services of the website. It is necessary in order that at you the debt after leaving from the website forever did not collect. Perhaps, you should wait some time of the answer with confirmation of removal of your profile.

2. If services on the website were provided free of charge, all monetary calculations were carried out on prepayment, (for example, in the form of paid sms), the page can be deleted at once.

3. Come into settings of the account. In the bottom of all listed on the options page there has to be a button "refuse services of the website" or "delete the questionnaire". Having clicked it, you will see a window with the warning that the account will be deleted or blocked for any time. If you are firmly sure of the solution, to you will suggest to click OK. On some websites you should enter still the reason explaining your leaving from service.

4. If the dating site does not give an opportunity of independent removal of the personal page, alter the questionnaire so that it ceased to correspond to you. Remove all photos, change data and on nonexistent, in a word, make the e-mail address impossible to identify or identify you. Remove all ticks from the options allowing other users to browse and look for your questionnaire. Usually through certain time the inactive questionnaires are removed administration of the website.

5. If any of the above techniques did not work, leave, "having shut the door with a bang". Send to a large number of people of the letter with spam and be sure, soon your account will be blocked or deleted. But chances are very small that you should take such extreme measures. From the majority of dating sites the profile can be deleted, having pressed the corresponding button in settings of the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team