How to delete the questionnaire from a dating site

How to delete the questionnaire from a dating site

Many already managed to test search of new friends and soulmates online, namely by means of dating sites. Fortunately, at some point these services lose the relevance, and the person ceases to need its services. But it will not be possible to be through with Internet matchmakers in one day, unfortunately, and even if throughout long time not to visit the page of the website, different notifications and messages from administration and other users of service continue to come to mail. How to get rid of it?


1. Delete the questionnaire by means of standard settings. It is one of the easiest ways. On the different websites it differs a little, but an essence, as a rule, same. Find in the profile ""personal settings"" or "personal account"", or something similar. Point of removal (if it is) is exactly here. I advise first of all to come into the section ""Safety"", ""My profile" ", " "Settings or management of the questionnaire"". Most often this function contains just in similar tabs. If you did not manage to find it, attentively look in other sections.

2. Wait for completion of removal of the questionnaire. The questionnaire will not be removed at once, process of removal takes from a week to one month. During this time do not visit the page. It will lead to update of information, and it is necessary to wait for total period again.

3. Write the letter of administration of the website if you could not find how independently to delete the questionnaire, or on the termination of thirty days the questionnaire remained on the place. At the very bottom of any page there is a link ""Write to Us"", or ""The letter of administration"", either ""Feedback"", or similar. Click it, and in most cases you will see the form of feedback where you can write the question interesting you, or will see the e-mail address of the administrator which can help you on the matter. As a rule letters consider within 1-3 working days.

4. Just wait, and as a result, even at impossibility to delete the questionnaire most, the administrator at your request will make it. Be not surprised if he demands the photo you with your passport, it is a classical way to check that you the real owner of the questionnaire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team