How to deliver to RSS on the website

How to deliver to RSS on the website

RSS represents a format which is used for publication of news on the corresponding websites. But with its help it is possible to publish and not only news. Any text which it is possible is divided into several parts, can be published by means of RSS.


1. Use for filling by content of your website system of management of CMS JoomLa. During the work with this engine there are two convenient ways of connection of RSS: use of the Syndicate module which is built-in, and application of FeedBurner service. For connection of the Syndicate module come on the JoomLa toolbar into the Expansions menu, then select the Manager of Modules item. Being in the manager, click "Create" if there is no module in the list. Select "Syndicate". In the opened window carry out necessary settings: name of the module, its location and format. After performing these actions on your website the corresponding icon of RSS mailing will appear.

2. For use of FeedBurner register in service, using the Google account. Select the My Feeds tab and enter the address of your website. Click "Next". In the opened window select format 2.0 for RSS. Pass to the following page. In the opened window fill out the column "Feed Title", having specified in it the title of the RSS film. Click the Next button. Copy the link which will appear in the bottom of a window.

3. After registration in FeedBurner service pass to execution of the RSS film on the website. Find the suitable picture which will be used as RSS icon on your website.

4. Click the toolbars of the administrator of JoomLa in the Website menu the Media Manager point. In the appeared window select the Stories folder. Click "Select the file" and specify path to future icon of RSS. As soon as the icon is loaded, create the Any HTML module by means of the manager of modules.

5. Having performed necessary tunings of the module, in the opened editor, specify the link received from FeedBurner, path to an icon and the text which will be displayed when aiming at it in the corresponding tags. Click "Update" and save changes in the module.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team