How to design the website

How to design the website

Existence of the website assumes a definite purpose of its creation. Most often the websites are created for the purpose of generation of profit. In order that the website was profitable, it is necessary to develop it. How exactly to make it with benefit for itself and for the website?


1. The term "development" is closely connected with one more term – "advance". Development and advance of the website processes mutual also aim same – to improve website positions in the rating of delivery by search engines and to achieve the greatest possible attendance of the website.
Begin to design the website from well thought over idea concept of the website, its structure and design. Ways of its development and advance will depend on purpose of the website.

2. The website for people needs to be designed taking into account convenience of navigation. Make the available and intuitive menu of the website, break contents into sections. For each section make the separate page of the website. The convenience of search assumes access to necessary information to 1-2 cliques. Do not do the website too difficult, with long transitions in which it is possible to get confused.
When developing the website pay special attention it to the homepage, it is a face of your website. Do not do it too loaded, leave the most necessary and useful information. Pick up good qualitative photos – they will draw attention and will leave a positive impression about your website.
Do not encumber the page of your website with a large number of the advertizing banners which are especially animated. Too use pop-up windows with care, they irritate many.

3. For development of the website it needs to be filled up with fresh information – content. Content should be interesting, unique. In this case new information on your website will be quickly be indexed search engines and will allow to achieve the best results in the rating of delivery. Standard article contains 2.5-4 thousand characters. The more often you fill up the website with articles, the better. Make possible to leave comments on articles on the website to increase number of regular customers.

4. It is necessary to design the website and by means of internal relinking – links between different pages of the website. On the homepage of the website put links from all internal pages. With main on internal – a minimum.
For development of the website it is necessary to provide it and external references. They can be bought at the exchange of links, it is possible to exchange with other websites.
Placement of information on it in directories will help to increase attendance of the website. Directories are paid and free. Select target directories which contents correspond to subject of your website.

5. Your social activity – too a powerful contribution to development of the website. Having registered on social networks, make the signature with reference to your website. Leaving more messages on social networks and at forums, you will provide your website with new visitors.
If all of you make correctly, your website will make for you profit, and the efforts spent for its development will pay off.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team