How to determine the website size

How to determine the website size

The size of the website influences its loading by browsers. The more the website size, the more slowly it is loaded, that figures prominently in memory of your PC. Often big size of the website not only reduces the speed of its loading, but also slows down high-speed performance of the PC operating system. How to determine the website size?


1. One of ways to check the website size before its loading in the browser – to use a special online service. Let's take, for example, Visit this website. In the section "Popular Services" select "Measure the website size". In a form "on what URL to measure the size of the homepage" it will be necessary to enter the address of the website interesting you. Pay attention that the program will measure the size of the homepage of the website.

2. You receive the broad picture of specific weight of all elements making the page: the HTML layouts size of the page, gross weight of a CSS resource, the page JavaScript size, graphics weight including registered in CSS. Data are specified in bytes and as a percentage. Also you will see the chart demonstrating the specific weight of different elements of the page. Graphic elements will prevail on pages of the big size. The last line look at the gross weight of the homepage of the website. Knowing the size of the homepage of the website, you will be able to decide whether it is worth loading it into your browser. It is especially relevant if resources of your PC are limited.

3. During creation of pages of the website it is also necessary to measure their size. Webmasters evaluate the size before publishing pages of the website on the Internet. Thus, this service is useful both to users, and creators of web pages.

4. If you want to determine the size of all website, you should determine the size of all its pages. For this purpose save each page, having selected "save the web page completely". Right-click on the folder with the saved data, select "Properties". Repeat the procedure for each page of the selected website. Having summarized results of measurements, you receive the weight of all website, that is determine its size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team