How to develop the questionnaire

How to develop the questionnaire

Poll can be developed for the different purposes: some assume to earn from it, and others just want to learn the opinion of other people. However anyway this process can be absolutely free if to use special service.


1. Visit any pleasant designer of polls, for example, the website This service is very comfortable as it allows to create not only polls, but also market researches at the professional grade. It will develop everything for you, you will have to take care of filling of poll only. To use this resource fully, it is necessary to register. This procedure will not take away a lot of time. Just enter in the questionnaire your name with a surname, the e-mail address, the password for an input (the last will need to be repeated). From you it will also be required to enter a confidential question and the answer to it. If you want, check opposite to the Subscribe to News point.

2. As a rule, it is possible to create poll in such service both for a fee, and it is free. There will be few differences between the created versions: just the paid option will have slightly more functions and opportunities. After you resolve the matter, can click on the Begin Creation of Poll button. By the way, also you will be able to select area within which you plan to conduct survey. Among the long list you will find subjects from a car / motor-to pharmaceutics and a photo.

3. To begin poll, copy HTML code of the created document on your website, a forum or the blog. You will be able to analyze the first answers already in a few minutes. All questions and answers to them will be saved for each respondent. In real time total statistics, intersection of answers on various issues, an array of answers and cross-tabulation will be available to the administrator of poll.

4. Besides, there are websites which pay for passing of polls. Some of them give an opportunity of creation of the Internet poll, and is absolutely free. All process of creation will take place in a design view, from you it will only be required to bring questions and possible possible answers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team