How to disconnect a dating site

How to disconnect a dating site

If you registered on a dating site, but for any reasons do not want to use more its services, you can unsubscribe or disconnect the account. And mothers and fathers who do not want their children to mature too early can turn off access to undesirable resources through "Parental control".


1. If you noticed that on your mobile phone SMS constantly come with the invitation to dating sites or similar, remember whether you were registered on one of such resources. It is possible to refuse a subscription, having directed the message with the text OFF (or without text) to number from which SMS arrive. If messages come from a dating site of the mobile operator, come into "Personal account" and disconnect a subscription or direct SMS request.

2. Check balance. If you noticed that after each such message money is charged off an account, contact support of the telecom operator. Ask to turn off access to your phone from this number.

3. If you want to delete the information about yourself from one of a dating site, check conditions of placement and removal of questionnaires then follow the instruction. Make sure that data on you are deleted. For this purpose enter into an address bar of the URL browser of the account. If it also really was deleted, then on request you receive the message that such page does not exist. Otherwise contact support of the website.

4. If the support desk of a dating site ignored your access, send a claim to a host company on whose balance it is. It is possible to learn data on a hosting through WHOIS and WHOHOSTS services. Under the law, owners of the website cannot interfere with the user in placement and removal of personal data. If the owner of the portal of acquaintances and a host company – the same person, appeal to court.

5. For shutdown of the undesirable websites come as the administrator into OS Windows, take place: C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers …. Find the hosts file and open it, using "Notepad". Delete the dating site address.

6. Use "Parent control" in "Control panel" of OS Windows or the antivirus installed on your computer. Exclude visit of the websites with suspicious content. This way is suitable for the mothers and fathers who are not wishing too early growing of the children more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team