How to disconnect incoming messages

How to disconnect incoming messages

The service of receiving and sending short messages is usually available by default at connection of mobile phone number. If it is not necessary to you, you can turn off it or configure, having contacted technical support.


1. Call technical support service of the cellular operator used by you then unite to the operator in the menu of the answering machine. Ask the employee of technical support service to turn off for you service of reception of the entering SMS messages. Pay attention that depending on cellular operator the service of sending short messages for phones of other subscribers also can become unavailable to you. Specify this moment at the employee of technical support.

2. Visit the official site of your cellular operator and pass into the section "Personal account" if this menu is provided in your case. Enter data for an input if those are not available for you, receive the login and the password on your number as the SMS message. Having authorized on the website, pass to the section of the services connected to your number. Find among them messages, note them and delete from the list if it is necessary, confirm operation in the way provided by the operator.

3. If you need to block obtaining SMS messages from a certain person, contact subscriber office of customer service of cellular operator of your city. When accessing you, most likely, need your passport or any other document defining you as the owner of mobile phone number. If the sim card is issued not on you, presence of the person on whom its registration was executed is necessary, its identity documents of the owner of number will also be necessary.

4. Pay attention also that many modern mobile phones have function of filtering or blocking of the entering SMS messages, read the instruction to your device and if it is available, block or configure reception of incoming messages.

5. Also you can add a certain sender to the black list, at the same time you not only will cease to receive its messages, also incoming calls from it will be blocked. It becomes in the menu of the mobile phone or at the address to the operator.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team