How to disconnect the event log

How to disconnect the event log

The Windows operating system constantly monitors all events which are taking place in a system, writing them in a log file. This information can help with setup of a system, identification of the causes of the occurring failures. Nevertheless, there are users never look in logs therefore on their computers the event log can be disconnected.


1. For shutdown of the event log it is necessary to disconnect the relevant service. If you work in the Windows XP operating system, open: "Start-up" – "Control panel" – "Administration" – "Services". Find Event log service, open its window, having clicked with a mouse the corresponding line. The stop of this service is prohibited, but you can change start type, having selected an option "Is disconnected". At the following loading of the computer the event log will not be started.

2. In the Windows 7 operating system the event log is disconnected likewise – find in the Administration Control panel – "Services" and change type of start of service on "Is disconnected". The event log will work before the first reset of a system.

3. In most cases users disconnect some services for improvement of performance of the computer and improvement of its safety. By default in OS the Windows families are started many services not necessary to the ordinary user, they should be disconnected. For example, if you are not going to use the removed assistant, disconnect Terminal service. If you do not want someone to edit the system registry of your computer, disconnect Remote Register service.

4. If you do not synchronize system time of the computer with the time server, disconnect "Time service". You do not use wi-fi – disconnect Wireless Setup service. Independently you care for maintenance current state of anti-virus bases and you do not need reminders – disconnect "Security center".

5. If you are not going to use your computer as the server and to give to other users access to the folders and files, disconnect Server service. You are not going to log in on behalf of other user – turn off "Secondary login". Having disconnected all these services, you will be able to increase the speed of operation of the computer and will increase safety at net surfing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team