How to disconnect the guest

How to disconnect the guest

The concept "guest" of the Internet can be considered in different contexts. The Windows operating system is designed for several users, for each of which the own account is created. To delete the Guest account, it is necessary to perform a number of certain operations. And for closing of access to unwanted "guests" in any of social networks, there is also the algorithm.

It is required to you

  • Internet access.


1. For ensuring temporary access for the user to the computer the account of the guest is created. The person who logged in as "Guest" has no right to install the equipment and the software, to create the password or to change parameters. As the guest account allows users to enter into network and to work on the Internet, it is recommended to be disconnected (if this option is not used).

2. Come into "Control panel" through the Start menu. Open pages of Accounts of Users service through which there is a management and setup of the above-stated parameters in the Windows operating system. In a window of this service all available accounts of the operating system are displayed.

3. Select that user account which needs to be disconnected. Click its icon. Before you account settings will open. To disconnect the user, it is necessary to click on the link "Removal of the Account".

4. Further select action which needs to be made with files of the deleted account. They can be saved as files of the account of the administrator, or to delete completely from the computer. Having selected necessary action, confirm removal of the account of the user.

5. Now at turning on of the computer the choice of the account will not be provided to users for an input. Take into account that the Guest account is not removed completely, and it is only temporarily disconnected. If desired it can be included back again, having performed a similar number of consecutive operations.

6. If you do not want "guests" to visit your page in any of social networks, for example: "My world", "Schoolmates", VKontakte, etc., it is possible to close, make it unavailable to viewing, having sent a sms to the offered number. Look for more detailed information in the interface of a main window of social network, in the section "Access Settings". On many social networks, for example, in "Schoolmates", it is possible "to ban" the unwanted guest, by means of an option of the context menu opened in its photo or an avatar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team