How to disconnect the home page

How to disconnect the home page

Happens that at start of the browser the page which you never put house is started. Besides, it is not pleasant to you and is not interesting. Most likely, this page was imposed to you at installation of some game or the program. An output simple – disconnect the home page. Your actions will depend on the browser which you use.


1. Opera. Come into the main menu of the program, having clicked in the upper left corner on red letter "O". Select the Setup item. In a drop-down menu click "General settings". The window with several tabs will open. You need the Main tab in which there is a field with the address of the home page. To disconnect it – erase the address and save changes.

2. Mozilla Firefox. Come into the Tools menu, click "Settings", select the Main tab. Leave the Home page field empty if there the address is already written – erase it. Save changes.

3. Internet Explorer. Select the menu service, you find "Means of the observer", open the General tab. There will be a field with the home page. That the empty page opened, gather in the field of "about:blank". Save changes.

4. Google Chrome. Click on the Setup and Management icon in the upper right corner, in a drop-down menu select the Setup item, come into the main settings, erase the address of "Homepage" or check the line "Page of Quick Access". All changes will be saved automatically.

5. All browsers are similar one to another therefore path to setup to the home page will be similar. As a rule, it is necessary to come into the main settings and to find the field with the address. That the empty page was loaded, it is necessary to leave the field empty or to type "about:blank". To change – to enter other address.

6. Check whether is not present in the programs of setup installed by you which adds the home page to your browser.

7. Try to edit the prefs.js file which is in the Application Data folder. Open it by means of a notepad and find a line with the address of that website which bothers you, and change the address to "about:blank".

8. Check the computer the antivirus software. The virus can become the reason of incorrect operation of the browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team