How to disconnect the Internet on the computer

How to disconnect the Internet on the computer

There are several ways by means of which it is possible to be disconnected from the Internet. Each of them can be ispolzvan regardless of type of the computer and connection. You can break off connection by means of the computer, the software by means of which connection, or by means of the equipment necessary for connection is established.


1. If you want to disconnect by means of the computer, open the current connection. Press the Start-up button then go to the Control panel tab. Find an icon ""Network and Sharing Center"" then deploy the current connection and press the disconnect button". You can also disconnect it through a tray, having clicked two times an icon.

2. If you use the gprs-modem, then you need to open the program by means of which connection is established. Find the disconnect button and click it. Also you can disconnect the gprs-modem from the computer, thereby having disconnected with network.

3. At net surfing the Internet, using dial-up the modem or a dedicated line, you can pull out a telephone cord from the modem, having torn off connection, or having deenergized the modem. You are able to do it, having pressed the button of switching off of the modem or having pulled out its power cord from the socket. Also, you can disconnect a cord which connects the computer and the modem.

4. To turn off connection which is established by means of wi-fi you can or press the button which manages wi-fi the adapter, or to use the method specified in step number one. When using wi-fi of the router and modem, you can deenergize one of these devices, using step number three.

5. Keep in mind that method which is the safest for your equipment is shutdown through the program which carries out it or through the conductor. Other ways can do harm to your computer and the equipment, especially if you deenergize the equipment not via the switching off button, and pulling out the power cord from the socket.

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