How to download a game from the file hosting service

How to download a game from the file hosting service

The most popular file stores in Internet network are specially created file hosting services. On them users spread different files – from documents to music and video. Here it is possible to find and download games for every taste and for any audience. At the same time quite often their owners upload the same file on different file hosting services that each user could select for himself the most convenient for it a resource.

Variety of file storages

All files intended for downloading in network are stored on special resources – file hosting services. The user often fills in the same program, a music selection, the movie, a game on several resources at once. The most known of them to Depositfiles, Turbobit, Letitbit, Rapidshare, Yandex. People, Vip-file, 4files, Sms4file, Nukeuploads. Among them there are exchangers from which it is possible to download files absolutely free of charge (Yandex. The people and Nukeuploads), only for money (commercial options - 4files, Vip-file) and file hosting services of the mixed type. From them downloading is made both for money, and without them. What to select a way, the user solves. Paid analogs, as a rule, give an opportunity of fast loading without restriction on speed, connection of communication at its break and a possibility of downloading at the same time of several files including games.

It is simple to download


Games from file hosting services download as well as other files. That is at first it is necessary to visit the page with the laid-out file. Then - to find the reference on which it will be written "Download a game …". Nearby the name of the file hosting service or the link "Mirror 1", "Mirror 2" or "Source 1", etc. can be specified.

To start downloading of a game from free storages, for example, with Yandex. The people, pass to the page of service where the necessary file is presented, click "Download" then enter a combination of the characters presented on the picture in the special field click the appeared link to downloading and specify the folder for the loaded file. And here if you decide to save a game on Yandex.Disk – service from Yandex, it is possible to do without kapcha. For this purpose it is necessary to select only the option "Save on Yandex.Disk" and to press the corresponding button.

When using a paid resource previously it is necessary to make payment. It is possible to transfer funds as from the account of the mobile phone into which the access code for use of opportunities of this resource, and will come then from the account of the e-wallet.

Option – to pay or not to pay – provide file hosting services of the mixed type, when using of people of which itself decides what way of downloading of a game is more preferable to it. Besides, there is an opportunity to look at the trial "paid version" of the exchanger which is provided for day in business. During this time it is possible to download files in an unlimited number at the same time and at a high speed.

If you quite accept a free way of loading of a game, click the link which will redirect you on the page of the file hosting service where the required file is located, then refuse the trial period. Enter the code from the picture (it can be letters or digits), wait several seconds until the link, available for downloading, appears. As a rule, it becomes available after viewing the commercial. Then click it and send the file for downloading.

It should be noted that services for storage of files will constantly be improved, becoming more and more convenient for users. For example, on Letitbit recently on the page with the loaded game or other file it is possible to see the button "Free of charge" after clicking which, the link to download the file at once appears. Click it, having begun with that loading of a game.

The manager in the help

It is possible to download the file in the free mode by means of a special download manager, for example Download Master much quicker. Install the application on the computer. Also use it when it is necessary. The manager works at all file hosting services. For application launch follow the steps provided by a resource, wait for emergence of the link, available for downloading, then bring to it the mouse cursor, right-click it and in a drop-down menu select an option "Copy the Link", "Copy the Address", etc. The name of function can differ depending on the used browser. Then the link will be automatically redirected to a download manager, and you will need only to start loading process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team