How to download audio from ВКонтакте.ру

How to download audio from ВКонтакте.ру

The social network "VKontakte" can brag of one of extensive bases of audio recordings on the Internet. But, probably, the impossibility of normal downloading of files from the website is the main lack of this popular project. Now this fact is not considered any indecisive problem, there was a set of ways to download audio from Вконтакте.ру.

It is required to you

  • - Zakladurka from VKSaver service;
  • - Bukmarklet's;
  • - VSkachat;
  • - Vkontakte Music Loader;
  • - Downloader;
  • - SaveFrom.Net assistant;
  • - VKMusic;
  • - VKSaver;
  • - Vkontakte. DJ;
  • - SaveFrom.Net;
  • - VideoSaver;
  • - vOption;
  • - Vpleer.


1. Download music from this social network by means of additional JavaScript. You insert it in the form of the code into an address bar of the browser (Zakladurka from VKSaver service; Bukmarklet's or install on the computer as a plug-in (Vskachat, Vkontakte Music Loader); Downloader; SaveFrom.Net assistant). As soon as you visit the My Audio Recordings page, copy and insert the code into an address bar. After this action near each music track should the link for downloading of any given file will appear. However there are small difficulties arising depending on what Internet observer you use. Some scripts work not in all browsers.

2. There is a set of programs for downloading of audio from Вконтакте.ру. The interface of all programs is rather simple, and having entered the login and the password at the first start, select and download any audio recordings which were pleasant to you from Вконтакте.ру base, at the same time in a window of search it is enough to enter only the name of a favourite song or its performer.

3. Use different online services which are intended for downloading of files from the website Вконтакте.ру. SaveFrom.Net, VideoSaver, vOption and Vpleer services are the most popular. In most such services to download record, just insert the link address with the audio-file into the respective field, but it is not really convenient. Some of these programs look for the file on the name entered by you and do it very slowly therefore use of such methods can demand from you extra time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team