How to download books on the tablet

How to download books on the tablet

The tablet - the multi-function mobile device on which it is possible not only to watch movies and to listen to music, but also to surf on the Internet or to read books. It is necessary to download the last, being guided not only by a genre and the author, but also a format.


1. Online directly on the device. Depending on what operating system is installed on the tablet, it is possible to download books through "PlayMarket" (for users of Android devices), "AppStore" (for users of IOS). In any of these shops of the book are provided mainly for a moderate payment. Free of charge books online too can be downloaded. For example, owners of Apple products for this purpose have a special application of "iBooks" where it is possible to find practically any book free of charge. Users of Android gadgets can use free applications in "PlayMarket". But the choice of books is significantly limited as it was not so much given to a format of applications.

2. From the computer on the tablet. In this case special programs for reading on the device will be required. For example, "FBReader" or "CoolReader". These "eReaders" support several formats at once: fb2, txt, epub, html, doc, rtf, pdb. That is it is possible to download the book in any format on the computer, and then to transfer it to the tablet (for example, through Bluetooth or by synchronization through an usb-cable). On the tablet then it is just necessary to open the necessary file the convenient application.

3. Via the browser on the tablet. If the device is connected to the Internet (and almost all tablets, behind very rare exception, are capable of it), then it is enough to come in the browser into any digital library and to download there the book for the tablet. The most popular is the fb2 format as books in this format take not enough place on the device, and open any application for reading. The format of books "doc" opens not only in applications for reading, but also different programs for works with documents. For example, "MaxOffice". Via such application it is possible to read books in the format doc, docx, txt, rtf.

4. Through special applications. If Apple products has an iBooks application where it is possible not only to read books, but also to save on the device, then Android devices has other useful applications. For example, different application online with a possibility of reading in offline. That is you do not need to download the book. It is enough to download the application, to find in it the necessary literature, to save in the "reading in offline" mode. After disconnection from the Internet the book will remain available for reading at any time. It is more expedient to look for such applications in categories "books and reference books".

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