How to download songs from VKontakte

How to download songs from VKontakte

In VKontakte, as well as on most social networks, an opportunity to download music and other audio files is absent. And so there is a wish to listen to songs by favourite performers in the selection created with own hand on the page by VKontakte even when near at hand there is no Internet. To have such opportunity, it is necessary to install the special program.

VKontakte – it from the largest social networks in a field of RuNet. On pages of the website it is always possible to be in touch with old and to get new friends, to become the participant of different communities, to participate actively in various discussions, to watch videos and to listen to audio recordings. But, if you want the pleasant song to "remove" on your tablet or the computer, it is necessary to download the additional program.

VKmusic – you always is in contact with music


The VKmusic program (VKmyuzik) is specially developed for listening and downloading of music and songs with VKontakte.

It is possible to carry such indicators to advantages of the program: fast search of works, listening of music of online, control of the player by means of the media keys located on the keyboard, ability to contract to a mini-player, fast process of downloading, insignificant "weight" of the program (3 MB).

Not to get confused in the fallen in love audio recordings, sort the downloaded music on albums. Performers, styles, genres of audio of files or mood at which you prefer these tunes can become sort criterions.

Download VKmusic and install on the computer. If in installation process the program asks questions, give affirmative answers. Using search engine, specify the song or a tune for downloading. To load a track on the computer, click the arrow directed down, located to the right of the name of a track. Audio recordings will be placed in the Downloaded tab in the Loadings folder. In the same way it is possible to download also the whole albums. For further listening of the loaded compositions use a VKmusic player. Also this program can be applied to downloading and viewing video of files.

If your browser "is already armed" by the assistant or other additional expansion, use any of them for downloading of the pleasant tracks as they find access to many sources audio- and videos.


Other programs for work with audio as files

There are some more programs by means of which audio can find, download and play back files of VKontakte. Here some of them: LoviVkontakte Pleer, VKontakte. DJ, VKSaver, etc. All of them are absolutely free and are in free access for downloading. The websites which give such opportunity give detailed process description of installation and use.

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