How to download the audiobook

How to download the audiobook

On the Internet there is a set of resources which give opportunities for downloading of audiobooks. Among them: shops of license digital content, torrent trackers, file hosting services, specialized websites and even social networks.

Shops of license digital content

Download the audiobook, having paid a certain sum, it is possible in such online stores as LitRes and OZON. Payment is made by means of the electronic systems of calculation. It is simple, convenient and absolutely legal way of acquisition of digital content. Similar shops cooperate with publishing houses therefore authors of the audiobooks sold there a poop the put rewards for the works.

To download the audiobook, for example, from LitRes shop, click on the following link: To look at the range, use buttons of the navigation menu of the directory. If you are interested in the specific work, enter the necessary name in the search string. Provided that the required audiobook is present at the website, right after input corresponding information on existence will be displayed. Having clicked it, you will get on the page with which it is possible to load the file on the computer. For this purpose click ""Buy and download"", select the system of payment and follow further hints of a system.


In addition to sources which distribute audiobooks in exclusively legal way there are also others, providing illegal access to a part of content. But you should not neglect these resources and to consider them immoral as within the law authors often use them if wish to share own works gratuitously. Further it will be a question of such ambiguous sources.

Specialized websites

The club of fans of audiobooks available according to the link represents community of enthusiasts who read texts and spread signing up in network. Here it is possible to find a large number of audiobooks which are absent in online stores. Of course, not all from them are comparable with professional works, but many are executed at very worthy level.

To find the necessary audiobook, use the rubricator on the homepage of the website. After the choice of the specific work on the display detailed information on ways of downloading will be displayed. Most often for the similar websites links to torrent trackers and file hosting services by means of which it is possible to load files on the computer are specified.

Social networks

One more resource on which audiobooks can be stored is the social network VKontakte. To download necessary audiofiles by means of this service, it is possible to use special purpose tools. As an example it is possible to consider VKSaver.

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