How to draw a rose of VKontakte

How to draw a rose of VKontakte

Inscriptions and drawings on walls existed for a long time, they were created by our ancestors. Release the imagination, learn to draw the thoughts on a virtual wall of VKontakte.

It is required to you

  • - Account in social network VKontakte.


1. For graffiti space images, different signs are used. Drawings on city walls are multilayered that to create them it is necessary to be the real master. Try the hand in social network. Drawings of VKontakte are called "grafitt" and a wall for them too is available, only virtual.

2. Decide on subject of the drawing, make the sketch on paper. Think up the virtual signature, let you be recognized. Develop own style.

3. Study several ways widespread in social network. Begin with simpler, then you pass to difficult. One of the simplest – on a wallto the friendthe Roses application. Open the page, find the applications point, open the directory in which it also is. Load on the page and use.

4. Applications for creation of graffiti on social network a set. Pay attention on "Live graffiti". Before creating a rose which can be sent to the friend it is necessary to be trained. Here experience in the standard Paint program is useful.

5. Download "Virite". By means of this program you without effort will create masterpieces. Start it, using ctrl+shift+1 keyboard shortcuts. The program works at a browser background. Select a bouquet of roses, circle it, use the paint tools ""Live Graffiti"". Safely send to a wall to the friend.

6. Use characters. The drawings executed by means of signs, letters, characters can be met on pages of users. Copy ready, using the corresponding websites, but it is more interesting to draw the picture independently.

7. Technology of drawing by characters is various on styles, but is based on several rules and basic receptions. Construct a flower outline, using hyphens, brackets, points and other punctuation marks. Smooth an outline, fill a background with letters and digits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team