How to draw graffiti on a wall

How to draw graffiti on a wall

Drawing on walls came to us from the West and quickly won hearts of many artists. Graffiti are both a way of self-expression, and a good opportunity to earn. You decided to be engaged in drawing of graffiti on walls. That this desire to realize, it is necessary to be prepared for a start properly.


1. Pick up the sketch (a sketch of the future of graffiti on paper). Your first sketch should be not too difficult. For this purpose the drawing executed in Flop style will approach. Such drawings are simple and simple for execution, but at the same time are rather successful. Subsequently you will develop fine motor skills, will get used to a barrel and will be able to draw more difficult graffiti. After the choice of the sketch we will think of paint.

2. Further it is possible to pass to the choice of the location our the first with graffiti. Beginners usually select such walls which are not really noticeable for public eyes. And it is better to use walls, specially allotted for drawing of graffiti.

3. The wall surface for your graffiti should be plastered or grounded, it is possible to create also on a metal surface. And here on concrete walls it is better not to draw – a lot of paint will leave.

4. Do not draw over others works, especially if these works are performed qualitatively. And here simple overindulgence can be painted over, "having a little improved" thereby a wall.

5. Having selected, at last, the place for graffiti, you do not hurry to transfer the sketch a barrel to a wall. It is better to try a cylinder how well it blocks others paintings. Besides, useful will be to provide mentally that as well as in what sequence you will draw details of the work. It turns out? It is possible to start directly creativity.

6. It is accurately transferred from the sketch on a wall our graffiti, being guided by the mental plan made in the head. And the quality of the turned-out drawing will depend only on you and your opportunities. If not to hurry and to draw in detail thoroughly each detail anywhere, then the result will turn out beautiful and effective.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team