How to draw in a chat

How to draw in a chat

In the modern world the communication between people more often takes place only in virtual reality. Respectively, at communication on electronic correspondence, on social networks and also in chats there is a need to put emotions not only into words. For this purpose there are special drawings.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet.


1. Generally in chats of feeling and emotion are expressed by means of the most various smilies. Therefore for a start think over what drawing you would like to represent for the specific addressee. For example, it can be a certain character, images of heart for darling and to that similar signs.

2. Plan an outline of future drawing and pick up those smilies that most of all will approach contents of the image which you draw. At first fill with these smilies an image outline then if desired it is possible to fill with them the drawing.

3. Try to experiment and add the standard drawing with some details which can be made of other type of smilies. It diversifies the normal picture.

4. Smilies it is possible "to draw" different point images, ornaments, to draw objects. Find the suitable image and use a certain smilie as each point. At the same time the most interesting drawing will turn out if you use not one type of smiles, and several different drawings. The drawings created by means of smilies of different color will look especially successfully.

5. If there are no time and desire to create own masterpiece, can just take from the Internet the image which was pleasant to you and to insert it into a chat. For this purpose just copy the code of the pleasant drawing and insert it into a window where text messages for a chat are written.

6. Consider that by transfer of the images drawn by means of smilies at your interlocutor just the same font should be installed, as at you. Otherwise some details of the drawing can be distorted in the course of transfer. And in case of sending very big drawing just warn about it his recipient. For viewing it is necessary to increase a window in which the chat is conducted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team